Brass Saddle No 1


Intonated solid brass saddle for vintage telecasters.

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My builder friend Chris over at Dekum Guitar lamented he couldn’t find a good telecaster saddle for his builds that isn’t as finicky to set up and maintain as the typical 3-saddle arrangement everyone is familiar with. I took him up on designing something better and designed the Honeymaker Saddle No 1. 

This solid brass saddle is individually compensated to fit on vintage T-style 3-saddle bridges.

  • perfect intonation for teles using common string gauges with typical radius necks – ideal for 9.5” radius neck but works great on other necks as well. 
  • easy to adjust with two intonation adjustment screws and two setscrews for height adjustment.
  • tumbled finished for an aged look.

Additional information

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Dimensions 3 × 1.8 × .4 in